About Locatio

When hunting for a house, finding out about a neighbourhood often relies on word-of-mouth and local knowledge that is hard to access or simply inaccurate.

We’re solving this problem by augmenting online property listings with hyper-local data that gives you critical information at a glance, saving time and letting you make a more informed decision.

The data is sourced from a wide range of locations, including the New Zealand Census and police crime statistics. Locatio is a free browser extension that formats and visualises this data, displaying it as you browse property listings on Trade Me.

Looking for a home?

Locatio enhances online property listings with local crime statistics, demographics and more, letting you choose a home with peace of mind.

Developed by Kiwis, just for you!

Locatio is developed by a team of four in Hamilton, for GovHackNZ 2016.

Try it out today

Locatio is available on the Google Chrome Web Store, free for you to use!

Download for Google Chrome